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Video: Groupie’s Hair Catches Fire at Diddy’s Party

A groupie who was in the bathtub at Diddy’s Last Train to Paris party had her hair catch on fire during a live Ustream broadcast!

Is it bad that I find this funny as all get out?

As Kevin Hart talks to viewers, surrounded by ladies, candles and a whirlpool bath, the groupie in the tub seems to be the focal point of the show. Especially after her hair catches FIRE!

Her hair caught fire rather quickly, musta been a lot of product in it – or was that a lace front wig? Either way, that ish was flammable! It went up like a rolled up newspaper.

The guy on the right seems to notice it first, and says nothing. Then Kevin Hart sees and goes into hysterics! “Oh, s**t! Did the camera catch that?! Cut the camera! HA!” He makes sure they cut the camera but not before he is laughing his ass off at girlfriend’s head being ablaze.

Good thing she was sitting in a tub of water. Did you see her hair smolder after being put out? DAMN!

Gotta say, it wasn’t very smart of her to be sitting with her back to TWO candles! Yeah baby, you look hot and all…but don’t let your ego get in the way of your common sense!


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