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Gross: 'Fear Factor' Contestants Drink Donkey Semen and Urine

If there weren't enough reasons not to watch the disgusting reality show 'Fear Factor,' here is another one -- on the next episode, contestants must drink glasses of donkey semen and urine. reports the sick stunt almost never made it to your living room -- NBC officials considered killing it, deeming it just too awful. But after several meetings they allowed it to air.

TMZ reports "multiple contestants" actually drank the stuff in order to move onto the next round.

Asked by a few weeks ago about the "grossest challenge" for this season, host Joe Rogan hinted at the donkey stunt.

“The one I want to give you, I can’t," he said. "They’re not even sure if they’re going to air it. It’s so over the top and ridiculous. When they told me, I really thought they were joking at first. I don’t know where the debate is, but NBC is not sure if they’re going to air it."

EW goes on:

"Fear Factor" producers typically make a case for gross eating challenges by telling the network the item is regularly consumed somewhere in the world. Horse semen (if not donkey semen per se) is sometimes consumed at food events in Australia and New Zealand.

The episode will air on Monday. You've been warned. 

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