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Woman Sues "The Situation" Over Degrading iPhone App

“Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino might be having a little bit of trouble over the Grenade Dodger part of his iPhone app.

The “Grenade Dodger” game shows The Sitch trying to dodge grenades as they fall from the sky. If you’re unfamiliar with what a grenade is, according to the guys on the show, it’s an unattractive female. In order to keep the game authentic, photographers were dispatched to clubs to take photos of real life “grenades”.

Radar Online reports:

When they surfaced on the application, one of the “grenades” was horrified and has since made legal threats to the breakout star of MTV’s reality smash.

While the girls did know their photos were being taken, they were unaware they were about to become official grenades,” a source told

It came as a complete surprise and at least one of them is now considering her legal options.”

I hope the official grenades all sue him. Surely, he can afford it.

source: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Grenade’ Attack - Jersey Shore’s ‘The Situation’ Slapped With Legal Situation - [radar online]


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