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Green Day’s Billie Joe: "Democrats Are A Bunch Of P***ies"

Green Day’sBillie Joe Armstrong sat down with Details Magazine and dished on his political views, the future of the Broadway show American Idiot, and how being a father to a sixteen year old boy makes this 39-year old feel old:

DETAILS: You’ve said that, prior to recording the album American Idiot, you came to New York and did a lot of partying. Did you think about that while playing the drug-pushing character St. Jimmy?
Billie Joe Armstrong: That’s more the main character, Johnny—going from being a big fish in a small pond to swimming with sharks. I had a tendency in my past to get caught up in partying too much or making bad decisions. Stealing a limo from David Letterman during the Insomniac tour—I got into a little bit of trouble. In 2003, I ended up in jail with a DUI, and I definitely regret that.

On the risk of being too political: “It dawned on me at the end of the last tour that things had become heavy.  It’s a f**king balancing act, man.  And you don’t want to always write about politics just for the sake of writing about politics.  I don’t want to become Rage Against the Machine. Bono is having lunch with George Bush to get money from him. I don’t operate that way. I stick to my opinions.”

On today’s political climate: “The Democrats are a bunch of f**king pussies.  It was so smart for the Republicans to embrace the Tea Party: ‘We don’t believe everything you say, but we’ll listen to you.’ I get more confused every day.  Then I feel like I’m not doing enough.  It starts to make my head explode.  Maybe I should go talk to the troops in Afghanistan.”

On Sarah Palin: “I listen to the shit that comes out of her mouth, and I’m just in awe.  These are Sunday-school teachers becoming politicians.  Mike Huckabee? He’s the guy that diddled you while holding the Bible.  He’s so soft-spoken, so Mr. Rogers.  Palin is the same—it’s this sneaky way to make Americans feel comfortable, but you know they’re rotten to the core.”

For the rest of this very interesting interview head on over to Details for the details.


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