Green Day Cancels Secret Show

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Green Day was forced to cancel a secret show they had planned, after the city of Burbank denied them the necessary permits needed due to concerns over crowd control.

While lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong believes that “there’s no such thing as too many friends,” Burbank does not.

The free show was planned for Friday June 22. The anticipated turnout was in the thousands, and authorities worried that the number would grow even more, posing a danger to concert-goers, especially when the location was announced.

Armstrong announced the show on his Twitter page last week, saying:

 ”Green day Surprise rock n roll sex party show meaning “secret show” coming soon in LA AREA. Stay tuned! Clothing optional! Dance or fuck off. And it’s FREE. Bring your own booze. Weirdos and punishers welcomed!”

 The band is starting to promote their upcoming album trilogy. The first disc, !Uno!, will be released in September, with !Dos! and !Tre! being released in November and January, respectively.

Written by Michelle Wincott


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