Great-Grandma Gives Dirty Interview to News Reporter (Video)


An 100-year-old great-grandmother in New York City was recently interviewed by News12 and inserted some naughty flirting with the male news reporter.

The reporter was trying to ask the elderly woman about reaching the century-old mark, when she asked him: “How ya dick hanging?” (video below).

According to, the reporter later asked her: “What are you doing to celebrate your birthday?”

“Gettin’ a piece of that,” replied the senior.

Even though the news reporter and her family asked her to “keep it PG," the elderly woman stated: “What it means to be 100 years old is I can get 100 dicks.”

One of the elderly woman's relatives tried to get her back on track on the "good stuff," but she added: “The good stuff is the dicks!”

“She’s 100 and I ain’t telling her nothing,”concluded the reporter.



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