Grandmother Curses About Flood on Live TV Newscast (Video)

Priscilla Lester unexpectedly stepped into a live newscast yesterday about some flash flooding in Memphis, Tenn., and dropped a couple of curse words.

"I've been over here since 2003 and this is the five times this mother------ done g---------," Lester told WMC Action News 5 reporter Jerica Phillips, who quickly pulled the microphone away, noted Gawker (video below).

"I'm sorry I cursed on TV," the grandmother of 12 told WMC Action News 5 today.

"Last time [it flooded], I bleached the whole place, floor to ceiling," added Lester.

"Just investigate why this keeps happening, and why they can't make it stop," the 51 year old asked the news station.

Thanks to the Internet, Lester is now known as "The Mother------ Lady" around town.

"I'm a home-type person. I don't go nowhere. I don't go visit my family, my family comes to visit me," stated Lester. "I don't feel comfortable nowhere else."

Sources: WMC Action News 5, Gawker


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