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Grandma Plays Table Tennis, Disaster Follows (Video)

An unidentified grandmother was recently playing table tennis with a family member when the pleasant game turned disastrous.

When she made a valiant stretch for the ball, the video (below) shows her losing her balance, tripping over a dining room chair and crashing into a china cabinet. The video was posted by Nico Anderson on Vine.

Not much is known about the clip, but speculates:

Let’s not even get into all of the destruction of vintage fine china that was passed down from generation to generation for the last 250 years.

Since Nico actually posted the video, I must assume that her header into the curio didn’t paralyze her or kill her. (Or did it? If that is the case then Nico is one sick motherf------ with no soul.)

Nico, you’re a cutthroat assassin who is willing to accidentally murder your own grandmother to win a meaningless game of ping pong; I like your style.

Sources:, Vine
Image Credit: YouTube/Vine Screenshot


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