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GPS Records Allegedly Show Justin Bieber Was Not Drag Racing (Photo)

Justin Bieber was not drag racing at the time of his arrest, according to TMZ.

The celebrity gossip website has claimed to have obtained the print-out of the GPS records from the Lamborghini Bieber and his friend rented. According to TMZ, the records would have shown a higher driving speed if the pop star had actually been drag racing.

Previously, Miami Beach police accused Bieber and his friend of speeding between 50 and 60 miles per hour. However, the GPS print-out suggests that the maximum speed Bieber reached was 44mph.

TMZ also noticed that if Bieber had been drag racing down the 3700 block of Pine Tree Drive, where the speed limit is 30mph, the GPS would have read higher than the recorded 27mph.

Additionally, the Escalade that was used allegedly to block the roads wasn’t registered to have stopped until Bieber was pulled over, therefore dismissing claims that it was used as a road barrier.

While this recent evidence could present a problem for prosecutors, there is still a clear report of Bieber’s intoxication while driving, which he will likely be charged for.

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Sources: TMZ, Daily Mail


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