Gorillaz Won’t Let "Glee" TV Show Cover Their Songs

Gorillaz lead singer Damon Albarn says it’ll be a cold day in hell before he’ll allow songs by the band to be featured on Glee.

“We wouldn’t let that happen,” Albarn told the Associated Press. “And not that they’ve asked us, because they haven’t, and now they definitely won’t.”

Nope, he’s no Gleek.

He also said the hit TV show is a “very poor substitute”for real music.

He adds: “Those (Glee) songs won’t last like the Beatles by any stretch of their imagination. They’ll be forgotten in a few years’ time.”

You’re right, Albarn, that’s definitely put the mockers on any potential musical invite from the Glee peeps. But who needs the Gorillaz when you can have Sir Paul McCartney, eh? He’s champing at the bit for the show to use his music, I hear…


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