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Gordon Ramsay: "I'm a Chef; Jamie Oliver's a Cook"

There is no love lost between Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, but Gordon, not known for his delicate manner, made a few nasty comments about Jamie during a promotional tour of Canada.

Gordon was in Toronto at The Bay promoting his new line of cookware when he decided to make a few snide remarks. In between cooking lessons and signing the cookware, Gordon told customers he was a chef, while Jamie was just a cook.

He also mentioned that Jamie needed to go on a diet. The two have had an ongoing battle for some time now.

Last year, Ramsay admitted he was not a fan of Oliver, describing him as a “one-pot wonder”. 

"Everything kind of gets mixed in – hands in," he said of Oliver’s cooking methods. "He sticks it in the oven, it comes back three hours later and it’s done.

"We cook differently. I use basic ingredients taken up with a lot more excitement. But competition is healthy," he added. "It’s good to have that kind of rivalry."

No surprise for Gordon to be so rude and foul mouthed - it really is what I like about him - he does not mince words; he says it how he sees it.  However, maybe with the mess in Gordon’s life right now, he should concentrate on fixing that, rather than causing more public controversy.


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