Apparently celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay hasn't paid for wine being ordered to his recently sold restaurant in New York City. His unpaid bill amount? $41,000. Yikes!

The 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'Kitchen Nightmares' star is being sued by Wineberry America for the unpaid bill, who is claiming payment has stopped over time. And according to the U.K.'s Daily Telegraph reports, Ramsay "never having any intention of paying for the bottles."

However, a spokesperson for Ramsay told the Daily Telegraph.:

We are in the process of working through any outstanding claims in regard to The London NYC and bills will be paid in due course.

Ramsay may be in a "hot kitchen" for the wine, but to add fuel to the fire, 'Naked Chef' host Jamie Oliver put his two sense in, saying:

Men big everything up non-stop, but women tell you the truth. If I was to choose between Gordon Ramsay's cookbook or [wife] Tana Ramsay's, it would be Tana's every time. In my opinion, her books are a damn sight better than his," Monsters and Critics reports.


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