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Google Claims YouTube Will Be Shut Down in April Fool's Day Video

In light of April Fool’s Day, Google released a YouTube clip on Sunday saying the site would be shut down at midnight.

The video was a montage of clips from viral video stars and explained that approximately 30,000 technicians would be sorting through nearly 150,000 clips to select the world’s best video.

The gag video claimed that the winner was supposedly going to win a $500 stipend, a clip-on MP3 player and would become the only video to be found on YouTube when the website relaunches in 2023.

“Gangnam Style has the same chance of winning as a video with 40 views of a man feeding bread to a duck,” YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar said about the fake competition.

The video took on a humorous tone with judges hotly debating about the merit of “Citizen Kane” clips to “epic skateboard fail videos.” Although to most it was apparent that the video was a joke, various YouTube viewers expressed concern, sadness and shock in the video’s comments. 

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Hollywood Reporter


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