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'Good' Black Santa Defeats 'Bad' White Santa on WWE, Some Fans Upset (Video)

There has been much debate this month on whether Santa Claus is white or black, with Fox News insisting Kris Kringle is caucasian.

However, over at the WWE, a "good" black Santa (Mark Henry) recently stopped a "bad" white Santa (Damien Sandow) from ruining Christmas (video below), noted

While this Monday night pro-wrestling match might seem harmless, some WWE fans are up in arms because the "white" Santa was portrayed as the villain.

Readers at expressed their displeasure:

Gosh... How would we EVER manage to get through daily life, without help from the blacks?

Hey are brainwashing children to think white man is evil. I think we can all stop supporting these buffoons now. Everyone knows that the number one killer of blacks are other blacks. And, they have roughly 8 times the crime rate of whites. Santa, however, is Madison Avenues Satan dressed up to promote possessions and everything else Jesus was against.

What would we do without the precious black man showing us how to found, develop and govern nations and build empires and create technological and cultural wonders that have revolutionized world history? Actually, we'd do pretty good.

What a disrespectful display of stupidity... Do these people even know that Santa Claus is based a REAL person, a Greek Catholic priest from the 4th century?

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