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‘Golden Voice’ Ted Williams Now has a Reality Show

Ted Williams, aka golden voice, he of the dulcet tones, has not disappeared. There are supposed plans for him to star in a reality TV show.

Only in Hollywood!

TMZ dishes the news that the show will be called Second Chances at Life.

According to Williams’ reps, the show will document his life to date – from a radio announcer with a promising career, to living on the streets, and thanks to YouTube, his rise to global fame.

Filming will start in Brooklyn where he was originally based. From there to Ohio, where Williams frequented a few park benches and knew the streets well. Finally moving on to LA,  where he can be found eating in exclusive restaurants, making TV appearances, checking in and out of rehab…I wonder if that part will be documented?

That is just the planned first season of the show. Season Two will feature someone else being given a ‘Second Chance at Life’.

Time to clear the TV diary as we speak.

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