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Cops Detain "Golden Voice" Ted Williams After Fight

Ted Williams, the “golden-voiced” homeless man who recently became an internet sensation, was detained by police on Monday night after a disturbance at a Hollywood hotel.

Cops responded to a disturbance call at the Renaissance Hotel at around 9pm, after Williams and his daughter got into a fierce argument, reports say.

An LAPD spokesman tells Gossip Cop that Williams and his daughter“were transferred to the Hollywood station.”

Officer Catherine Massey, who attended the call-out, said, I don’t know how loud they were. It was minor. Both parties were angry but there were no signs of visible abuse. They were brought in, calmed down, talked to and released.”

The LAPD spokesman added,The investigation is ongoing,”adding that “no one was booked, no files were charged.

TMZ reports that Williams and his daughter were reportedly arguing about money.


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