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Sony Bribed Golden Globe Voters to Nominate "Burlesque"?

It is one thing to nominate "The Tourist" for the best comedy/musical when it is neither a comedy or a musical or good, but apparently wanting to have Brangelina and Johnny Depp show up at their poor excuse for an awards show was not enough for the voters of the Golden Globes.

Nope. According to The Los Angeles Times, the voters may have been bribed by Sony to nominate "Burlesque." The movie that almost no one has gone to see, was nominated for best musical/comedy so will have to compete against "The Tourist."

Prior to voting, many of the voters were flown to Las Vegas by Sony and were also given tickets to see Cher in concert. After all those freebies, the next thing you know, "Burlesque" is being nominated for Best Picture.

This is kind of worse than MTV and their Video Music Awards because the Golden Globes are supposed to have some kind of legitimacy.

They don't, but the average person watching in January does not know that. They think these are voters from the foreign press who are voting because a picture is good, not because they got a free t-shirt and a photo op with Cher.


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