Gloria Steinem Approves of Sarah Jessica Parker Portraying Her in Film

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has given her blessing to Sarah Jessica Parker who is playing her in the biopic ‘Lovelace’. The movie is about Linda Lovelace, the 1970s Deep Throat Porn Star.

Steinem told Us Weekly that she was grateful Parker wanted to do it, and that she understood the importance of sex trafficking and forced prostitution. Steiem continued that: “Linda Marciano’s story can happen to anyone. And that’s my role, I believe, in the movie to say that. So I’m very honored that she wanted to do it.”

The iconic feminist added that she and Parker have met and chatted in person and on the phone, but that she hasn’t given the actress any advice on how to portray her younger self. Steinem said that all she was thinking about was Linda, and that she really didn’t realize that Parker was playing her. However, Parker did tell her that she had watched interviews of Steinem for the role.

Steinem is an iconic activist, who has made history for her role in the 60s and 70s women’s liberation movement. During that time she was an investigative reporter on a series of articles and supporting abortion rights early on.

The cast of the movie at one time contained Demi Moore who was supposed to portray Steinem, but upon her hospitalization in January for alleged substance abuse, Parker was called in to replace her.


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