Happy or Sad? Glenn Beck's Last Day at Fox is June 30


First Oprah, now Glenn Beck -- the date of Beck's final show on Fox News has reportedly been set. It will be June 30. Mediaite reports that Fox confirmed this date with the website.

It was previously announced the Beck would leave the network sometime before the end of the year, although that date was never made public. Sources told Yahoo! News' The Cutline that this has been the date all along.

Beck made a meteoric rise at Fox -- followed by a substantial fall. He was the hottest thing on cable television when he started at Fox in January 2009. However, controversial statements such as calling President Obama a racist caused advertisers to leave his show in droves.

Then, as time went on, viewers left as well. In the last month alone his rating dropped by 15%.

The Cutline reports that Beck will not go quietly into the right-wing night -- his post-Fox career already includes a new web TV channel, a book imprint, and a daily deals website.

Fox has not yet named a replacement yet for Beck.


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