"Glee" Star Cory Monteith Opens up About Drug Addiction and Rehab


Cory Monteith opened up about his troubled teen years to Parade Magazine, where he revealed he is very different than Finn, the character he plays on Glee. While Finn is a clean cut, wholesome teenager – Corey is very different.

Corey started skipping school at the age of 13 and getting drunk and smoking pot. By the time Monteith was 16, he was a high school dropout. The last straw for his family was when he was 19 and stole money from a relative. They told him to go to rehab, or they would press charges.

Corey admitted to doing anything and everything.  He revealed in Parade Magazine,

“I am lucky to be alive.”

Corey wants to show that he was bad off as can be, but he made his way back.

What do you think about Monteith opening up about his past drug use?


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