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"Glee" to Cover Rebecca Black’s Song "Friday"?

You heard me right, folks, newbie ‘singer’ Rebecca Black has finally made it. Well, only if that means having your song covered on Glee.  Sad, but true.  The 13 year old’s song ‘Friday’ recently surpassed 100 million views on You Tube – but only because it’s the worst song EVER.  Leave it up to the creators of Glee to step in and give it more attention that it already deserves (no offence Rebecca), the only good news is that they’ll obviously make it sound pretty decent. 

Is Glee jumping the shark?  And please don’t tell me they’re going to give the young girl a cameo, I just couldn’t stand it.  I like the show well enough, but as I’ve always said, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.  I guess the most important question is, Glee and all that jazz aside, after Rebecca’s quick jump to fame (for not being talented), what’s she going to do next?  A song called ‘Monday’? Oh please god, no...


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