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“Glee” Star Matthew Morrison to Release Solo Album Next Year

We all know Glee star Matthew Morrison can sing but does he have what it takes to be a big-selling solo artist?

We’ll find out when he releases his first CD next year, which, he told MTV this week at the Glee premiere party, is coming along well.

Matthew says he hooked up with former boy bander JC Chasez for one of the tracks on the album.

“I wrote about half the album so far, but I’ve definitely co-wrote. I’ve definitely teamed up with some great producers, some great songwriters,” he said. “And yeah, I just did this great song last week with JC Chasez that was very, very cool. It turned out really well. He’s such a good songwriter.”

Matthew revealed the name of the track: Dancing in the Rain.

There are other collaborations but no naming names just yet: “It’s very eclectic. I’m doing some great duets. I can’t release who they’re with yet, [but it's] some people that you’ve probably heard of before, that you’ve definitely heard of before.”

“It’s gonna be a little adult contemporary,” he adds. “And there’s gonna be some pop songs that you can shake your moneymaker to in the club.”


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