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Glee’s School Shooting Episode Draws Warnings, Criticism, Questions

This week’s episode of ‘Glee’ raised some eyebrows. Although the show, despite its outwardly peppy singing-and-dancing reputation, has become known as one that isn’t afraid to tackle serious, relevant issues, the plot of its latest episode hit a little too close to home for some.

On Thursday night, Glee’s “Shooting Star” episode centered around a school shooting scare at William McKinley High. The students heard a gunshot from some far off location on campus, and most of the show dealt with the fallout and their reactions to what transpired. In the end, it was revealed that a student with Down syndrome brought her dad’s gun to school for protection, and that it went off while she was showing it to Jane Lynch’s character.

Prior to the episode airing, the Newtown superintendent of schools sent out this letter to parents:


I want to make you aware that the show "Glee" is featuring what could be a disturbing plot tonight and I want you to be aware so you can make an informed choice about watching this.  According to entertainment blog TVLine, tonight's episode includes shots in the halls "that rips the frothy high-school musical off its foundation and transports it to a dark and harrowing world."  "Allegedly, the rest of the episode is claustrophobic and emotionally charged, as students cower in the rehearsal room and consider their possible fates."

This has the potential to be disturbing to many of our students, so I wanted you to know ahead of time.

Janet Robinson

Superintendent of Schools

So far, the reaction to this week’s Glee episode has been mixed.

Sources: NBC, TODAY


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