'Glee' Challenged With Handling Death Of Cory Monteith


With the sudden death of cast member, Cory Monteith, “Glee” is now challenged with handling the real-life death of a major character in the series.

The coroner who examined “Glee” star Monteith’s revealed on Tuesday the cause of his untimely death was “a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.”

As the National Institutes of Health estimate 1,825 college students die in alcohol-related deaths each year, fans hope the show will use Monteith’s death to bring awareness to this issue.

"I really do hope 'Glee' decides to address [alcohol-related deaths of students] on the show," Alicia McCullough wrote on NBCNews.com's Facebook page. "Many teenagers can learn from this tragedy, and I know [Monteith would] want that."

Neither Fox nor the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, have responded to comments about plans for how the show will cope with Monteith’s death, reports NBC News.

However, the last episode Monteith’s appeared in, which aired April 18, left room for a reasonable explaination for why his character, Finn Hudson, might not return to Lima, Ohio, in the show’s fifth season.

The episode centered on focused on Hudson and Noah “Puck” Puckerman, played by Mark Salling, partying like typical college students at the University of Lima where Finn says, “I have the rest of my life to be a grown-up and for now, it’s OK to have fun.”

The episode ended with a remorseful Finn accepting Mr. Schuester’s offer to help coach the glee club for college credit. The opening episode on the next season of “Glee” therefore has the chance to address why this did not end up happening.

The series issue of student deaths linked to alcohol consumption would not be a far stretch for the series, as “Glee” is known for its controversial episodes that deal with issues such as bullying, gun control, obsessive-compulsive disorder and molestation.

Source: NBC News


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