Ginnifer Goodwin Surprised at Controversy over Dieting Comments

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Ginnifer Goodwin was surprised how much controversy and attention her comment about dieting since she was nine received. 

“I was so shocked when it was this whole, ‘Ginny’s been on a diet since she was 9 years old!’ I was like ‘No!’ I’ve never had body issues, I’ve never had an eating disorder. I’ve never had to go on a diet and that’s because of Weight Watchers,” Goodwin told People magazine.

“I began to identify myself as fat.

“At 9 years old I weighed about 10 lbs. less than what my weight is at 32. I needed to get help.

“I ended up going to my mother crying.

“With the counseling of my family doctor, my mother ended up turning to Weight Watchers and their children’s program.

“I went to weekly meetings, got counseling and would exercise with my peers who were my size. It was the first time I saw a proper children’s portion size, and it wasn’t two burgers, it was one.

“You don’t have to go through that horrible yo-yo cycle of binging.

“I’ve always been able to satisfy my cravings; it’s just a matter of balancing.”


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