Ginnifer Goodwin Weighs Almost What She Did at Age 9

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Ginnifer Goodwin gave an interview to Kneepads to try and clarify all those Weight Watchers comments she made last month.

You know, the ones where she said she has been on the program since she was 9. In her comments, she says she weighs within 10 pounds of what she did when she was 9. Really? That is crazy. She says she has never been on a diet before. Isn't Weight Watchers a diet?

I guess it could be considered a lifestyle rather than a diet, but I think of it as a diet.

She says because of the program, she turned her life around, and that she was a fat child. She also says that she was huge during the first season of "Big Love."

Has anyone seen the first season? She weighs like as much as a pixie stick. She did crack me up with one thing she said about the Hollywood diets.

"I pulled an actress friend aside and I said, 'I get it. I get what it is that you're trying to do, but there's being healthfully skinny and then there's starting to look like a scary alien cat. I call it the 'Cocaine and Cigarettes Diet' in Hollywood. I also see girls who haven't had a carbohydrate in three years.

The second you go back to eating right, you're going to put that weight on. You eat one piece of bread and you are screwed, lady!"


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