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Disabled "Facts of Life" Star Geri Jewell Comes Out as Lesbian

I have not thought about Geri Jewell in a long time. If you are not of a certain age, then you probably do not remember the show Facts Of Life. The show, a spin off of Different Strokes, was really big back in the day. Take my word for it. It also marked the debut of a guy named George Clooney.

It is hard to believe, but back in the day no one who was disabled was ever on a show more than once. Geri Jewell knocked down that barrier when she appeared on the show as a regular character. Geri suffers from cerebral palsy and was hilarious on the show.

She has a new book that just came out and in the book she talks about her career as an actress and comedienne. She talks about a broken marriage, tax problems and drug addiction. She also comes out as a lesbian.

I have only had time to read a few excerpts, but it is a powerful book from an amazing woman and a great story.


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