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Gerard Depardieu Solved Robert De Niro’s Erectile Dysfunction?

Talk about too much information. Gerard Depardieu. Actor, grumpy sausage, instant Viagra.

Depardieu says he helped fellow actor Robert De Niro out of a sticky situation on the set of Italian epic 1900. The Taxi Driver star was required to become sexually aroused for one particular scene in director Bernado Bertolucci’s movie, but *cough* failed to rise to the occasion.

In swoops Depardieu with his secret solution – made of traditional Chinese heat rub Tiger Balm and water. Ouch!

Depardieu recalled the incident during an appearance at the Montreal World Film Festival this weekend, reports the New York Post.

Tiger balm…on your John Thomas? Insane! Surely that would send the beast right back to sleep. LOL!

I’ve heard of male porn stars lathering their willies with toothpaste though – it apparently helps keep the flag waving. Don’t ask.


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