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Gerard Butler Wows at Vanity Fair Post-Oscar Party

Thank you thank you thank you! This is what I needed this morning. Better than Starbucks, better than an adreneline spike to the heart…

Putting the recent unpleasantness behind him, Gerard Butler made his annual visit to the hottest ticket in town on Oscar Night, The Vanity Fair Party. By all accounts he was turning on the charm as per usual and mesmerizing any woman who had the good fortune to gaze into his eyes.  I know some who will be thrilled that he cut his hair (a little) and I also know some for whom that won't be enough.

(Personally I love the locks, but whatever) The best thing about these pics (aside from that gorgeous  Ferragamo tux) is how rested he looks. I don't care if he went to Rancho Mirage to sleep for three weeks, he obviously needed whatever they did for him. I hope he gets back to work soon. Hunter Killer is supposed to be released in December and yet not a single frame has been shot. Thunder Run meanwhile has a start date of May 15 down in Baton Rouge. How he's going to manage to be in Alaska for the former and Louisianna for the latter is beyond me.

Nuff said. Let's look at the pretty picture…


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