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Finally: Singer George Michael Gets Jail Time for Car Crash

George Michael was sentenced to 8 weeks in jail after crashing his vehicle into the front of a photo shop in London during the early morning hours of July 4th.

Michael was found by police behind the wheel of his Range Rover, completely out of it and stoned on pot and prescription drugs. His engine was still running as his vehicle as police confronted him.

This is the first time George Michael has been sentenced to jail, which, considering his past, is amazing.

In 1998 Michael was busted while “cruising” public bathrooms for sex. He was caught “engaging in a lewd act.” Jail time = NONE. He received a fine as well as community service.

In February 2006 he was caught passed out in his car while in possession of a Class C drug. Jail time = NONE. He was merely cautioned.

Two months later Michael crashed his Mercedes into three parked cars. He was questioned but not action was taken.

October of that same year (it was a good year for George!) George was found passed out in that same Mercedes. He had weed on him. Once again, no jail time but he did lose his license for 2-years and was sentenced to 100-hours community service.

September 2008, Michael was busted AGAIN for cruising public toilets for sex, all the while being in possession of a Class A and a Class C drug. And once again, no jail time, just a warning.

August 2009, Michael crashed his car, yet again. I know, this is absolutely unreal, right? He was drunk and stoned. No jail time. No NOTHING. He was warned AGAIN.

And finally, the latest incident where he crashed his car on July 4th. THIS time he FINALLY gets handed a little jail time. WTF took so long? Seriously! It’s an outrage really. Is it because he is famous? Would an ordinary everyday Joe in London have the same action, or lack thereof, taken against him if he had the same rap sheet as George Michael?

An 8-week long sentence doesn’t seem long enough. George Michael is a danger to the people of London. He should absolutely be stripped of his license for life before he kills himself, or worse yet, an innocent bystander.

Will George ever learn? I don’t see it happening. He is truly an addict and needs help desperately. A rehab sentence should follow his jail time. Someone’s life may depend on it.


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