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Woman Sues KISS' Gene Simmons for Dry-Humping Her

Earlier this week, prosecutors decided not to charge Gene Simmons with assault for an alleged attack against a couple at The Grove shopping mall, because there was not enough evidence. However, just when Gene thought he could relax, a make-up artist is suing the KISS bassist for $500K, saying that Gene sexually assaulted her at ESPN Zone when she was doing makeup for the event.

She states in her filing that Gene said he liked her. He then grabbed her and began dry humping her. She told him to stop, and that he was hurting her, especially since he was wearing his stage outfit. He told her he was not ready to stop yet. Once he was finished dry humping her, he said “Aw, that’s better! Now you can go.”

The woman says there were numerous witnesses to the action. She says she has suffered humiliation, shame, embarrassment, anger, anxiety, loss of sleep and depression. I could see Gene doing this for sure.


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