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Gayle King Clears Up Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors

Pregnancy rumors have surrounded Beyonce for over a month, but now it seems they may finally be getting cleared up. Gayle King says that she got an email from team Beyonce basically denying the rumors of a second pregnancy for the pop star and her husband, Jay-Z.

“I got a call yesterday from Team Beyoncé you guys, and they’re basically saying stop the crazy, she is absolutely positively not pregnant at this time," King said on CBS This Morning.

King added that Beyonce and Jay-Z want another baby, but not right now while she is on tour.

“It’s true she and Jay-Z absolutely want to have another baby,” she said, “And when the time is right, when they decide the time is right, they will share it.”

Rumors hit a fever pitch when it appeared that Beyonce was showing a baby bump in one of her concert costumes and then at the Met Gala. She also had to cancel a concert show, something she has never done, due to exhaustion and dehydration.

E! News confirmed the second pregnancy, but the reports began to fizzle when a radio DJ said that Jay-Z responded to a congratulatory email telling him the rumors were not true.

Last week Beyonce posted pictures of her and Jay-Z drinking wine seemingly trying to dispel the rumors. When she was asked by Savannah Guthrie about the pregnancy rumors, Beyonce responded coyly.

"What kind of rumor?" Beyonce asked as she laughed. "What? Huh? Huh? I don't know what you're talking about."


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