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911 Call: Gary Coleman’s Wife Balked at Giving Him Emergency Aid

The 911 call made by Gary Coleman’s wife Shannon Price after he fell and suffered an apparent head injury last week has been released.

During the emergency call you can hear Price tell the operator there’s “blood everywhere” and seems reluctant to go to the aid of her ailing husband.

She explains that Coleman went downstairs to fix her some food because she wasn’t feeling well, and that she hears a “big bang.”

“I don’t know if he’s okay. I’m not going to go down there. I have seizures. If I go down there, I’m going to seize.

She adds: “I’ve just been kind of sick and I just don’t want to be traumatized right now. … I can’t really help him. I can’t be here with the blood.”


You can also hear the operator asking Price to tell Coleman to put pressure on his head wound. She seemingly couldn’t do it herself. WTF? Shady as all hell.

You can listen to the 911 call here

Update: It also transpires that Coleman and Price were actually divorced at the time of his death, promoting speculation as to whether she actually had the authority to pull the plug on his life support.

Coleman’s lawyer tells UsMagazine:

“Some people have raised the issue that they saw Gary and Shannon on Divorce Court and now there’s some questions about whether or not they were married at the time of the death and whether [Shannon] had the authority to pull the plug at the hospital.

“Some people in the public are raising issues whether she had authority to do that and if she has authority to be making funeral arrangements, and exactly where she fits into his estate,” he adds.

“I think there’s going to be some developing controversy about some issues of authority.”

Coleman died last week after suffering a brain haemorrhage. He was 42.


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