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Gary Coleman and Wife Divorced, But She Could Still Pull Plug

Were Gary Coleman and Shannon Price divorced?

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price were divorced at the time of Coleman’s death, which is cause for concern since Price made the decision to pull the plug on his life support while in the hospital.

Shannon Price told staff at the hospital that she was Gary Coleman’s wife, but Coleman’s former attorney, Randy Kester, says it simply is not true. Kester says Coleman and Price divorced in August of 2008 and that Coleman wanted to keep the divorce private, which obviously it was. ”Gary wanted me to keep their divorce private,” Kester said, “but now that it’s been made public, I’m compelled to say it’s all true.”

Even Price’s publicist had no idea the couple were divorced. “I’m still waiting to find out myself from Shannon,” she told People magazine.

So, the question everyone is asking is, did Shannon Price have the legal right to take Gary off of life support?

The hospital where Gary was treated, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, says that Price DID, in fact, have the legal right to make the decision. The facility released the following statement regarding the issue:

Mr. Coleman had completed an Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so. An Advanced Health Care Directive remains in effect regardless of a patient’s marital status.”

It still is so bizarre to me. To leave your dying significant other laying in a pool of their own blood and screaming at them to compress their own head wound as you tell the dispatcher you can’t do anything to help because you can’t stand the sight of all the blood. As one of my readers pointed out earlier, I think Shannon Price is extremely child-like, unable to care for herself and maybe even mentally a little “slow.” It’s incredibly unfortunate that Gary wasn’t given much of a chance with the medical decisions resting in her hands.  It seems as though the plug was pulled rather quickly and that Shannon gave up on him from the time she dialed 911.

Incredibly sad situation, for sure. R.I.P. Gary.


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