Gary Busey Hits Las Vegas and Stripper Poles


Does it come to anyone’s surprise that Gary Busey recently strutted his stuff in Sin City and was photographed hitting up the ol’ stripper pole? The veteran actor/hot mess (if you are initially confused as I was, yes Gary Busey was on ‘Celebrity Rehab’, now on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’.   

I don’t get it either) enjoyed a wild night out in Sin City and hit up Encore’s Surrender Nightclub on Saturday night to celebrate the launch of the hit NBC reality show. Busey was joined by fellow castmates Lil Jon, NeNe Leakes and  Hope Dworzczy, where Busey took to the platform and gave his dancing skills a whirl on  the pole.  

Oh ya, and he had a big fat cigar firmly planted between his teeth. Classy with a capital C. And to think this was all supported by Donald. Having just been at Encore nightclub last night and experiencing the madness of it all, I can only imagine what went  on behind closed doors…Dr Drew would be so proud.

“The stunned crowed cheered as Busey swung his hips, before lifting up his top and shaking his behind to guests”. How sad I am that I missed it – how am I going to sleep tonight…??

Anyone still wondering how he got on the show? Yep, me too.


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