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Gamer Gets 'Swatted' While Thousands Watch Online (Video)

Joshua Peters was reportedly was “swatted” at his family's home in St. Cloud, Minnesota, last Thursday.

A SWAT team arrived at his house and held his entire family at gun point while he was live streaming a video game on on Twitch.TV for 60,000 viewers.

Peters told the police that he was a victim of a “swatting" call, which is when someone calls in a fake 911 call and gives the victim's address.

“When we were all laying down, I spoke out. I said, ‘I stream on Twitch.TV, I’m being swatted, and someone probably prank-called this.’ And then the tone shifted as soon as I said, ‘I’m streaming on Twitch.TV,'” Peters told The Guardian.

Peters later went on the web again and issued an emotional statement to whoever the "swatting" culprit was (video below).

Another "swatting" call was placed to police claiming that someone in Peters' home was contemplating suicide, but this time the St. Cloud police called Peters' home first, noted

Sources: The Guardian,
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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