Gabourey Sidibe Turns Diva?


All of the goodwill that Gabourey Sidibe has earned over the past year may have disappeared in one night. It seems that last weekend at the Correspondent's dinner, many reporters not only wanted to meet Gabourey but also to say hi and to ask a question or two.

It took a few days but one thing all the reporters said about her is that she was mean and rude.

A Washington Post reporter just wanted to congratulate her and Gabourey told him to come back in five minutes. The Post reporter then shared his story with another reporter who said that Gabourey was rude to her also.

But wait, there is more. MSNBC said that Gabourey was rude to a fan who wanted a picture with her. Gabourey refused to smile and told the fan they were lucky to even get a picture with her. Gabourey also cut off reporters, walked away from reporters and seemed to only want to find other celebrities to speak to.

I was hoping she wouldn't get the diva bug. She has always been nice in the past. She could have been thinking about how bad she was on SNL or having a bad day, but she needs to know she hasn't earned diva status yet.


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