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Funny Video: Ryan and Kevin Ferguson Record their Parents Crying After Watching Les Misérables

After watching the film Les Misérables in New York City, Ryan and Kevin Ferguson recorded their parents weeping over the movie on their ride back home on December 28.

The brothers then uploaded the video (below) on YouTube, where it has over 66,000 views, reports the Daily Mail.

In the video, the mother asks her husband: "Wasn't it better than the play, George? It was better than the play."

The father adds: "I hear the first notes I start to cry. I was walking in I was crying. I look at Anne Hathaway and I still cry. We've been to funerals where we're less upset. We've been to funerals of family members and have cried less."

At one point, the mother asks Ryan: "How could you laugh?"

Ryan responds by laughing and saying: "I'm not laughing! I was sad too."

The mother continues to weep as she recalls the end of the film: "At the end, his eyes, he was old. I'm so upset. Oh my God. I can't talk about it."


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