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Fruit Ninja Plushies - Cute Overload

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Halfbrick, the Australian developer behind Fruit Ninja has partnered with ToyFoundryto launch an online Fruit Ninja toy store!  Without fail, every year we will struggle with a gift idea during the holidays but the plush dolls are adorable and affordable making them a perfect gift for the Fruit Ninja fan.

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"With Fruit Ninja's universal successthis partnership just developed naturally," said Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer at Halfbrick. "Our fans are crazy about Fruit Ninja and this is a really fun and charming way to extend the brand outside of games."

The Fruit Ninja online store features two soft and authentic-looking plushies, including the wise sensei ($15.99), a sliced juicy watermelon ($14.99) and a training pack ($29.99), which includes a sensei and watermelon combo. Additionally, Halfbrick plans to introduce new merchandise to the online store next year.

Fruit Ninja is a highly addictive game anyone can play and enjoy.  It is available on mobile devices and the Xbox 360 Kinect.  Slice and swipe your way through the various game modes - Classic, Zen and Arcade - to become the ultimate Fruit Ninja. Players swipe their fingers across their mobile devices to slash through a cascade of fruit while avoiding game-ending bombs. On the Kinect, players use their arms to swing wildly in the air as they slice and dice.  Okay, so I added the "wildly" part because it is what I look like when I play.   

Halfbrick and ToyFoundry have begun shipping the toy line worldwide, so get one. Mine are already en route! For more information on the Fruit Ninja online store and to buy Fruit Ninja plushies, visit the official toy store.

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For more information about Halfbrick, visit their official site and for more details on Fruit Ninja, check out the Fruit Ninja Facebook fan page.

Download Fruit Ninja directly via iTunes.

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