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Friday Night Lights Season Four Video Roundup Preview

Friday Night Lights returns May 7th, and it’s a whole new world. Redistricting of the town has created major changes for the characters, and it’s the kind of series rebuilding you don’t see that often.

If you aren’t already a fan, I highly recommend the show, and you can catch up on some of the episodes from last season at the Friday Night Lights site here. With strong reviews throughout the first three seasons, the show has cultivated an intensely loyal group of fans, and with good reason.

Below check out several clips for the new season, including interview and behind-the-scenes footage. Use the playlist feature to select clips.

As season four opens, a redistricting plan has left Dillon a town divided. Having been ousted from his role as head coach at Dillon High School, Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) finds himself faced with the daunting task of building a football team from scratch as well as motivating and disciplining the unmanageable East Dillon Lions players. Tensions follow Coach Taylor off the field and into the home as he and Tami (Connie Britton), who remains Principal of West Dillon High, find themselves increasingly at odds with one another and the adversarial roles the redistricting has forced upon them. As one of the main proponents of redistricting Dillon, Tami bears the brunt of criticism from the very unhappy parents and students who have been zoned out of West Dillon and into the less desirable East Dillon.

An integral member of the newly formed East Dillon Lions is Vince (Michael B. Jordan, “All My Children”), whose incredible speed positions him as the Lions best, and possibly only, hope despite his undisciplined skills and unpredictable temper. Vince quickly finds himself at odds with the team’s new pretty boy and rising star, running back Luke (Matt Lauria, “Lipstick Jungle”). Luke held great promise playing with the Dillon Panthers, however due to the redistricting, he is now forced to play for the East Dillon Lions. Other newcomers include Jess (Jurnee Smollett, “The Great Debaters”), the daughter of a onetime NFL hopeful, who is an expert in the sport and will prove to be a crucial part of the new East Dillon team; and Becky, played by newcomer Madison Burge. A fifteen-year-old beauty queen who isn’t afraid to use her looks to get what, and who, she wants, Becky quickly establishes herself at the top of the East Dillon social hierarchy.

The fourth season will also focus on the fate of several returning characters including last season’s graduates Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch), Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly), and Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) as well as Julie Taylor (Aimee Teegarden) and Landry Clark (Jesse Plemons), whose lives have also been affected by the town’s redistricting. Additionally, Coach Taylor finds himself further troubled by a new rivalry with his former team, the Dillon Panthers, headed up by his replacement Wade Aikman (Drew Waters) and the man who masterminded his downfall, Joe McCoy (D.W Moffett).


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