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Fresh Faces to Watch on New Fall TV Season

I am nothing if I am not open and honest about my biases. What I love/what I hate/who I find hot...yada, yada, yada... Back in May during the upfronts, I offered early snap judgements on the new fall shows of the 2010 television season. However, regardless of what I thought of the content then or now, there are some stars who shine so bright they deserve some attention. And don't fret, male readers: this is not another Male Hottie round-up; this Fresh Face list features both sexes. So let's get right to it, shall we?

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Fresh Face: Jake Lacy

New Fall Show: Better With You

Why He's One To Watch: This is literally his first gig, and though at times he smiles a bit too widely for you to take him seriously, that goofy, go with the flow attitude is all a part of his charm and only serves to help audiences understand why JoAnna Garcia's character has fallen so hard and so fast for him!

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Fresh Face: Michael Stahl-David

New Fall Show: My Generation

Why He's One To Watch: Everything about his image screams "golden boy" and it is easy to assume he has had everything handed to him, but just like the character he portrays there is much more to him than meets the eye. He draws you in with sincerity behind the eyes, and you stay to find out his secrets. Little by little, he peels back layers, and what he reveals is always brilliant.

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Fresh Face: Maggie Q

New Fall Show: Nikita

Why She's One To Watch: She is no stranger to the big screen, and her characters are often equally larger than life. But here’s hoping she brings some of her nature humor and grace to an otherwise tough titular role!

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Fresh Face: Eloise Mumford

New Fall Show: Lonestar

Why She's One To Watch: It’s not hard to play “in love” opposite James Wolk, but it is a slightly harder task to get an audience rooting for you to keep the guy in the end when he’s also “in love” with another beloved actress. But she is so natural and so down-to-Earth that she could easily be your sister, your friend, your co-worker, and you find yourself rooting for her more than anyone.

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Fresh Face: Jonathan Sadowski

New Fall Show: $#*! My Dad Says

Why He's One To Watch: It’s a tough task to go up against the scene-stealing William Shatner, but he manages to do it with an ease and ear-to-ear grin that allows his genuine excitement for the art to shine through. He is also something of an “every man;” guys will want to grab beers with him and girls will want to go out to dinner with him. He’s fun, accessible, and just plain cool!

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