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'Freaky, The Scary Snowman' Terrifies People on Sidewalk (Funny Video)

It's winter in Boston, which means snow and "Freaky, The Scary Snowman," who delights in scaring people on the sidewalk, especially women.

For the 3rd year in a row, Freaky hit the streets to scare folks who were casually walking down Newberry Street (video below).

The scowling snowman stands motionless, but then suddenly moves, hops, or whispers "Help me," causing unsuspecting passers-by to scream hysterically, curse and jump, notes

According to Yahoo! News, Freaky has more than 90 million views on YouTube and nearly 500K subscribers. His Facebook page has more than 137,000 likes. Freaky is sold as a bobblehead and has his own iPhone app.

On Freaky's Facebook page, one of his creators, Jay Lichtenberger, explained how it was done with another man named "Brian," who is inside the snowman outfit.:

After we find a spot I place the wireless mic and snowman cam (Kodak zi8) in the head. Then I go ahead and put a fresh carrot on. At this point I call Brian's cell phone and through a bluetooth earpiece Brian and I can communicate. Next I take the bottom part of the costume and help Brian get into it. After that I place the head on. Brain gets into position and I recheck the camera and audio levels to be sure everything is framed up and sounding good.

Brian's hearing and sight are limited, so when a person is coming from behind I can tell him whats going on and when to turn, or not to turn depending on the person. We trust our great judge of character when choosing who to make a move on.

[Let's] be real, we do not want anyone to have a heart attack on our behalf. After we get a great reaction I chase the person down to ask permission to put them in the video. Sometimes while this is happening Brian has already scared someone else and I miss the chance to get that persons permission. So you may see some blurred faces here and there.

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