Frank Sinatra's Wife Tells All in New Book


Barbara Sinatra has released a memoir detailing her life with the late, great singer and actor Frank Sinatra. In it, she tells of his volatile nature, his generosity, and his inner demons.

The book, titled "Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank" and published by Crown Archetype, tells of Barbara Sinatra's love for and admiration of Sinatra, and their life together. Barbara, a former model and showgirl, met Frank after her second husband had become unfaithful to her.

She took up with Frank before divorcing her husband, and married him years later. She remembers an incident when a journalist brought up her and Frank's adultery, and Frank berated the woman, sticking two dollar bills in her drinking glass. Barbara saw this slightly thuggish action as a romantic defending of her morality.

Reviewers of the book note that Barbara often glosses over the uglier moments in her marriage, seeing them as examples of Frank's "dangerous charm" rather than as drunken rages or temper tantrums. She let her life revolve around him, and even quit smoking when he asked her to. He thought it was unfeminine for women to smoke, but continued to light up his unfiltered Camels.

The final image in the book, according to an AP review, is a poignant and sad one: the day he died, Barbara remembers Frank "sitting in his wheelchair out by their pool, suffering from lung and heart problems and memory loss, with a half-eaten grilled sandwich on his plate."


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