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Did "Money Drop" Game Show Screw-Up Cost Couple $800,000?

I watched Money Drop on Monday night. Watched the second hour of the show. I thought it was going to be great, but it really isn't.

Maybe on Monday night, because it was two hours and they had a lot of stretching to do, made it worse, but I thought it was kind of annoying and could have been played at a much faster pace. There is also a reason why Kevin Pollack did not last very long on Celebrity Poker. He is an awful game show host. He is irritating and grating on the nerves. Great actor, terrible game show host.

Also, I knew the last couple on Monday would not win, because there was not enough time in the show for them to answer the final two questions. So, the suspense kind of went out the window.

Anyway, a couple I did not see on Monday apparently got a question right that was ruled wrong. They bet $800K that Post It Notes were sold before a Walkman or a Mac. Turns out they were right, by two years, but FOX said they were wrong. Whoops. I say give them their money. FOX says they are standing by their decision.



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