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Fox News' Version of 'It's a Wonderful Life' (Parody Video)

Last Thursday night's “Jimmy Kimmel Live” included a parody trailer for the Fox News' version of the Christmas film classic "It's a Wonderful Life."

However, instead of George Bailey being the hero, the Fox News' version featured Mr. Potter, the villainous banker, as the hero, notes (video below).

The voiceover of the parody version states: "In the economically backwards town of Bedford Falls, there is an extraordinary citizen, Henry Potter."

"This capitalist had a dream," says the announcer. "To transform Bedford Falls into an entertainment and business mecca creating hundreds of new jobs."

The clip then shows "Pottersville" with its cheap bars, night clubs and strip joints taking over what used to be known as Bedford Falls.

The trailer then shows Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey with the voiceover, "But one man would stand in his way, draft-dodger George Bailey and his socialist building and loan. Will Henry Potter's common sense reforms win the day?"

"Or will George Bailey succeed with his scheme to redistribute wealth?" warns the trailer. "How far will Bailey go to to destroy free markets and economic progress?"

In more parody fun, Saturday Night Live had "President Obama" address all the controversies ginned up by the media during his appearance at Nelson Mandel's memorial service last week, reports (video below).

Obama talked about his "selfie" picture with the Danish Prime Minister, shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro ("I thought he was Edward James Olmos") and a fake sign language interpreter, who snook in behind Obama as he spoke about health care.

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