Fox News' Brian Kilmeade Makes Toddler Cry, Defends Himself (Video)


"Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade tried tossing a basketball to a 2 year old named Titus, but the ball hit him in the face and caused the toddler to cry.

Titus became an internet star earlier this month when his dad uploaded a YouTube video (below) of the small child shooting trick shots into a small basketball hoop for kids.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends" this morning, Titus shot several successful free throws, but then Kilmeade threw a sloppy pass and hit Titus in the face with the basketball, notes

Not surprisingly, the toddler started crying.

“He’s going to face that when he plays ball,” Titus’ father assured Kilmeade, who smiled broadly as he said, "Sorry, dad."

"We’ll check in with Titus again. I still think we’re friends," added Kilmeade, as the show went to commercial.

When the show returned, Kilmeade appeared to defend himself.

"Do you really feel that I was at fault there or should have Titus had his hands up?” Kilmeade asked his co-hosts.



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