Fox Refused Jennifer Lopez's Diva Demands for "American Idol"


So, Jennifer Lopez is going to be a new judge on American Idol. I think we saw that one coming for a long time. It also turned out that Jennifer had absolutely no bargaining power at all. She kept trying to get things from Fox, and they just kept saying no. In the end, apparently Jennifer needed the job way more than Fox needed her, so Fox got their way.

According to Deadline, Jennifer wanted a guaranteed "go" picture. Fox, reminding her that her movie career is even worse than Jennifer Aniston's, said no. So, then Jennifer said she wanted a bunch of pilots for television guaranteed to get made. Fox just laughed and laughed and said no. Jennifer then asked for $15M a year to judge, and Fox said no. Jennifer finally settled for $12M. A lot of money, but it is so nice to see her get turned down on everything she wanted.

The problem is that being on American Idol will probably get her some of those things she wanted, and after several years of her having no career, it has been nice not having to see her all the time. Oh, the one concession she did get was the announcement is going to be made at the same time her new single is released. You know, so that way she can show all the contestants on Idol that you can just use an AutoTune and a bunch of production to get a record made, and don't really need any talent whatsoever.


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