Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade Says Latina Maria Molina 'Grew Up on Tacos' (Video)

The Fox News morning show "Fox & Friends" decided to celebrate National Taco Day on their program this morning. Because it's "Fox & Friends," things quickly got awkward.

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade questioned Fox News meteorologist Maria Molina, who was brought on the set to talk about tacos (video below).

“So what are the tips we need to know? You grew up on tacos, correct?” Kilmeade asked Molina, reports RawStory.com.

“No, I did not grow up on tacos. I’m Nicaraguan. It’s not a native food," replied Molina.

According to Jezebel.com, Kilmeade's cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to bail him out of the situation by asking Molina, "But if you did, if you did grow up on tacos?"

Molina then directed the hapless Kilmeade on how to put rice, beans and other ingredients into his tortilla.

She then read about the history of tacos, which traces its roots back to Mexico in the 18th century.

Sources: RawStory.com and Jezebel.com


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