Fox Axes Plans for ’24′ Movie

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This is a sad bit of news for all of us 24 lovers. Despite a lot of delays and a lot of hope, it turns out 20th Century Fox has killed the  '24' movie and the Chicago Tribune is reporting that Kiefer Sutherland is furious. 

Apparently it's already over budget and there are concerns about star salaries. Fox is only approving a budget of $30 million while Kiefer and producer Brian Grazer are thinking more in the area of $40 million at the least (but more like $50 – $60 million). What is $10 million between friends? A production like 24 CAN NOT be half-assed. The television series wasn't so you would want the movie to be even more over-the-top.

The movie is still on hold (but it seems like it has been taking forever) and a rep for Fox says:

We're still working on a script, and hope to make when Kiefer next has time," said the spokesman. "But this all came down to timing, and seven weeks is not enough time to prep a movie like this."

While his new show Touch (also a Fox show) was on hiatus (next month) filming of 24 was going to start. I can imagine Kiefer is pissed (assuming this is all true) because he's made the company MILLIONS of dollars and his fans are important to him and he's quite loyal to them.

They are making it seem like there is still hope but you really get the impression there isn't.

What do you think of this latest news? Sad face, right?


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