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Former Miss Pennsylvania Says Order to Pay Trump $5M will "Devastate" Her

A beauty queen who resigned as Miss Pennsylvania is pleading for a judge to reconsider the $5 million she is ordered to pay Donald Trump, after she accused the organization of rigging the pageant.

Sheena Monnin said paying $5 million will financially devastate her for the rest of her life.

She was ordered to pay the money after Trump sued her, and a judge ruled that she had cost the pageant millions in sponsorship funds.

Monnin resigned from her position as Miss Pennsylvania after she found the competition to be “fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and in many ways trashy.”

A narrative between the 27-year-old and other contestants is revealed in court papers.

According to the documents, Miss Florida told Monnin who the top five finalists would be.

“I was shaken and dismayed,” she said. She texted Randy Sanders, the organizer of Miss Pennsylvania.

“This is f***ing rigged Randy. Seriously Colorado? South Carolina?” she said in a text. “I’m’s obviously rigged so the girls they want can shine.”

Monnin did not make it to the semifinalists.

On June 4, she announced her resignation and explained to her fans that the competition was fixed.

She said that another contestant wrote her on Facebook saying, “I’m so proud of crazy.”

Another contestant also reached out in support of Monnin.

“Hopefully, this brings more awareness to how shady this particular competition really was,” she said. “I’m hoping someone from the organization will leak information and shed some light on this’s just such a disappointment to lose faith in something you’ve dreamed of for so long.”

After she made her opinions public, Trump was quick to denounce her. This is what caused “Contestant D” to write Monnin in support of her decision.

“I’ve been talking with the other girls and we’re all disgusted with how they are trying to turn things against you in the media. We know you didn’t make this up out of nowhere,” the message said.

Monnin does not believe that her Facebook posts cost the organization a $5 million sponsorship from British Petroleum.

“I find it very hard to believe anybody from BP had visited my Facebook page,” she said.

“This is a desperate attempt by Ms. Monnin to extend her 15 minutes of fame,” Miss Universe lawyer Scott Balber said.



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